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“Our goal is to impact people, places, and things harmoniously.”


Meet Timothy Morrison

Host of Channel of Thoughts Podcast


Timothy Morrison brings over 35 years of leadership experience as an Operations and Transportation Manager, and business owner, while managing teams as large as 200-plus individuals at high profile organizations.

Timothy has a passion for leadership, and it has led him to not only coach, mentor, and challenge others to take on positions of leadership, but it has also given him the resolve to ensure that those he impacts are inspired and held accountable to reach for higher levels of mastery within their respective disciplines.

Meet Onesimus Morrison

Onesimus Morrison is a Marketing Coordinator for Morrisons’ Group &

Assoc. LLC.

 He aids in the development of strategic marketing plans for the company,

overseeing the implementation and execution of the actions associated with

the company’s marketing plan. Some of his activities include spearheading

market research efforts, website overview and maintenance, as well as the

illustrating of marketing products.

Onesimus graduated from La Salle University in 2016 with a major and

minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. From 2017 to 2019 he worked

at La Salle University as a program Coordinator for La Salle’s Business

Engagement Center whose purpose was to cultivate a culture of innovation

and creativity among the university's students.


Meet Nichole Green

My name is Nichole Green. I am a co-owner of Morrison Group & Assoc. and I manage the day-to-day scheduling, planning and project progress for our construction company.

I am a self-taught agriculturalist and a nature enthusiast.

I am pleased to be part of “Channel of Thoughts” Podcast and as co-host we will cultivate and promote positivity amongst ourselves, all audiences, and all things we encounter.

Meet Miatha Clarke

With a background in healthcare as not only a "Job Coach for Autistic adults entering the workforce but also as a companion for the edlerly Miatha  knows all too well what it takes to impact those around her in a caring and loving way. Miatha is a licensed realtor in Pennsylvania and Delaware and part owner/admin for Morrison Group Construction. She serves as an mental wellness advocate, essential team member on the planning/operations team for

M.A.P.S.(Mental-Wellness, Affirmations & Positivity Support) Global Events and also the host of  "The M.A.P.S. Wellness Room.  Miatha is an inspiring businesses woman as she is excited about launching "Summer Elizabeth" a family company that specializes in houseware designs but also clothing. It represents the beautiful, powerful & imperfect family she grew up apart of.  She is enjoying the journey of exploring ways to give back, encouraging others, and building a circle of support for those she encounters. Miatha's goal is to continue establishing herself as an entrepreneur as well as being

positively renewed daily as she evolves into the self-vision she is becoming. Miatha is a horse enthusiast/rider, loves coffee/water, loves sarcasm, and has a genuine care for humanity.

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