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Kaba Hiawatha


bestselling author of Honoring Professor William Leo Hansberry (1894-1965): An Intellectual Libation For The Architect Of America's African Studies Department and recognized as an internationally acclaimed, Pan African Historian. He is also the star expert of the Hidden Colors documentary series as well as the narrator of the international hit film, Out of Darkness. As an Educator, Consultant, Curriculum and Community Developer, Professor Kamene is also the Principal Facilitator and Chief Executive Officer of the African-Centered Science Academy named, “Per Ankh (Temple/House Of Life).”  

Kaba Hiawatha received his Bachelors’ Degree in International Politics from New York University, with a minor in Caribbean Studies (June77). He earned his first Masters of Art in World History from Hunter College, N.Y. (June 87) and he received his second Masters of Science in Educational Administration and Supervision, from City College of New York (Feb.88).

Kaba Hiawatha has been a Pan African, African-Centered educator, consultant, administrator, staff developer and curriculum writer for over 40 years. He has taught every grade level (Pre-K-12) in New York City Department of Education for over 31 years (Oct 1979- Jul 2009) and has been a college professor in the Black Studies Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz for 12 Years (Fall 2004- Spring 2016).

Over Kaba Hiawatha’s long career in Education, he has consulted many Boards of Education, Schools, Communities, Parents and Students groups, his greatest experiences have been his many classroom visitations around the world and implementing successful strategies in the teaching/ learning process. He is firmly dedicated to the belief that culture plays a vitally important role in education he credits many of his academic views to his teacher, world-renowned educators, Professor John Henrik Clarke.

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Shabaka’s Stone explores and explains many scientific theories on multi-dimensional levels. Shabaka’s Stone tells us that we are born with everything we need to solve all of our life’s challenges. We are the Creator having a human experience. Every day, when you wake up is like Ptah rising out of the Nun (state of unconscious). This energy conversion, waking you up initiates your simple and self-conscious state of thinking, realizing who you are coming up out of your sleep.

Spirituality Before Religions, delves deeply into many ideas researched by many brilliant writers and scholars. This clear and concise philosophy guided early humanity into the heavens on earth, while creating a heaven on earth. African educator, Dr. John Henrik Clarke teaches us that to be self-sufficient, people have to see the Creator when they look in the mirror. If not, they will never have a healthy “self-concept.”

This book marks the beginning of a highly anticipated series to increase our cultural competence by one of our great Master Teachers. This book is a literary libation that elevates and celebrates the life and legacy of William Leo Hansberry, the Father of Black Studies. He had the character, consciousness and commitment to "rescue and reconstruct our history and put it back into the hands of those who created it" (Karenga, 1984). 

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