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Meet Onesimus Morrison


Onesimus Morrison is a Marketing Coordinator for Morrisons’ Group & Assoc. LLC. He aids in the development of strategic marketing plans for the company,

overseeing the implementation and execution of the actions associated with the company’s marketing plan. Some of his activities include spearheading market research efforts, website overview and maintenance, as well as the illustrating of marketing products.


Onesimus graduated from La Salle University in 2016 with a major and

minor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. From 2017 to 2019 he worked

at La Salle University as a program Coordinator for La Salle’s Business

Engagement Center whose purpose was to cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity among the university's students. Onesimus helped coach students through the process of creating small businesses as well as having them help real small businesses by giving them assistance with marketing,order fulfillment, manufacturing and general business consulting.


Some of Onesimus’s accomplishments include illustrating a book series for Kids More S.U.G.A.R LLC., which includes 3 books based on the

encouragement of positive affirmations for children, as well as playing an

instrumental part in the creation of La Salle University’s first makerspace.

Onesimus is also a co-host on the “Channel of Thoughts” podcast that he

helps operate with family. His goal is to provide unique perspectives and

knowledge to the listeners of the podcast in hopes to help spread harmony

and understanding through conversation.

Onesimus is motivated by being able to help his family become financially

free. It is one of the main reasons why he gets up every morning. He values family, hard work, and obtaining financial freedom and building strong relationships.

Outside of work, Onesimus enjoys reading, photography, art and playing

sports. He is also passionate about developing new skills in order to help

his family’s business grow.

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