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Meet Timothy Morrison


Host of Channel of Thoughts Podcast


Timothy Morrison brings over 35 years of leadership experience as an Operations

and Transportation Manager, and business owner, while managing teams as large

as 200-plus individuals at high profile organizations.


Timothy has a passion for leadership, and it has led him to not only coach, mentor,

and challenge others to take on positions of leadership, but it has also given him

the resolve to ensure that those he impacts are inspired and held accountable to

reach for higher levels of mastery within their respective disciplines.


He is primarily responsible for leading his family’s Real Estate business, Morrison

Group & Assoc. LLC by raising capital for profitable ventures, building

relationships that forge mutually beneficial partnerships, resulting in returns that

are favorable to his family, as well as their sponsors.


Timothy also has years of experience as a professional painter, martial artist, and

voice over talent.


“My life's mission and why is to IMPACT PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS

POSITIVELY wherever I am or go. I have witnessed from childhood to present,

the evils and imbalances of this world, and it has compelled me to not only seek to

be but be a positive change agent for myself and the people places and things that I


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